Saturday, 10 March 2007

Multicultural to multispecies - meet the cow people

England is the most multicultural place I have lived in and now it's becoming a home to multispecies exploration. According to the Beeb, scientists in the north of England have applied for a licence to clone human and cow embryos for the purpose of harvesting cell stems that are important in the treatment of alzeimhers, Parkinsons, and stroke victims (at least).

While I'm trying to fully absorb the notion of multispecism (or is it multiispeciesism), the news in the same week comes up with the medicine egg - where we use chickens as drug factories of the future - butt out Pfizer and Roche. This notion is based on the idea that we impregnate breeds of chickens with different immunities - and an egg a day will keep a particular illness away.

Meantime, Richard Branson, who is locked in conflict with Rupert Murdoch over media space in the UK, has my votes for winning the battle. Why? Because he's an adventurer and innovator. His latest thing is a cryogenic bank for rich guys that want to live forever. I'm not going to be a customer for that service, but I do love his guts.

And, in our last gasps on a planet we have disrespected, space is the next frontier. Adventurers will be essential in this coming exploration.


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