Friday, 9 March 2007

Dutch developers and eirepreneurs

After using Skype as my main comms tool for over a year, I've got some experience. But this week, I "picked up" a buddy in a public chat - new to me. For the first time since I finished at Skype, I requested authorisation from a user after she asked a battery of interesting questions in a public chat. And we're chatting since - the internet rocks on.

My new buddy is a Clever Clogs lady from the Netherlands who is a front runner in developing mashups for Grazr. If you are a feed freak and/or interested in data pipes, Grazr and Marjo are the way to go. I like the Grazr interface and am looking forward to working with Marjo on ideas for feed filters.

In recent weeks I have Skyped a lot with Dutch people - seems to be a cradle of fun and disruption. Today, at one point, I was chatting in 4 separate IMs with Dutch geeks who don't know each other. Not sure what they put in the coffee but they seem to have great ability to turn idea into reality. I met Bart Lamot when he volunteered to write JNI connectors for Linux and Mac for the open source Java API for Skype. I met Jurrien (link to follow) on that project also - a student that brightens my days with his dedication to clean, reusable code. And then there's Ike that all Skype users love as the Paraveterinary in the Skype forums and runs a solid virtual business. Ike runs a Skype-powered virtual office service from Friesland - no better woman for the job - she's organised and she can multitask better than me.

And then there's Marjo of RSS world - who inroduced me to Grazr where I found a Grazr feed of Irish Twits - the Eirepreneurs - now is that fun or what?

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  1. Heyy Triona :) I've got the link for you ;) It's a simple page, but about everything I want to share with other people. Have a look all ;)