Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Gathering my bits

Yesterday, Ike pinged to say I'd shown up on her blog stats - a LiveSearch for me - sent me the link for the results. I was happy to see that Essays from Ireland still top the bill - almost a decade on. But ever-organised Ike was unimpressed by the trail of writings I've abandoned on the web.

My goal for now is to gather my scribbles, revisit some, and write some more. Until I figure out the clever nav widgets, and the templates, finding your way around here is a task. I'm working on it.

About larger goals and boundaries - step one first. This task requires me to research my web detritus and gather it back, to structure this diverse information in a useful manner, and then I can deal with the task of how I can share my learning in a cheap and cheerful way.

My ultimate goal is to participate in innovative projects to deliver best practice for sustainable enterpise and society. This blog will focus on positive ways to ...

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